Thursday, 30 April 2020

Passive Income - April 2020

Welcome to my first passive income report, covering all the earnings I have made from dividend-paying stocks and alternative investments in april 2020.

Passive income:

I received a total of 52,46 EUR or 57,05 USD (EURUSD= 1,0874) after taxes in the month April. The first time I received more than 50 euros in one month, quite happy with that! I'd have to say that April and May will be the best months of my portfolio. Since most of my annual dividend paying companies will pay these months.

The following graph shows my passive income over the past months.

Dividend Income:

For me, dividend income is the purest form of passive income you can get. You just have to sit, wait and collect your 'paychecks'. Since I started my portfolio in the beginning of this year, there ain't much to compare yet. But it will be interesting to see how my passive income will develop in the upcoming years.

As for al of us covid-19 dominated the news all over the world. In Belgium we are ending or 7th week in lockdown. This whole situation of staying at home is becoming the new normal. But it's for the greater good, I hope everyone is still healthy and well! Covid-19 will also impact my dividend performance this year. Here in Europe quite a lot of governments have 'obliged' financial companies to cut their dividend and keep a healthy cash position. All of my financial companies either cut or postponed their dividend. It feels like European companies or cutting their dividend way faster than their American colleagues.

My march dividend income after taxes totals 29,65 EUR or 32,25 USD. I received dividends of the following companies.

Alternative investments:

In addition to my dividend income, I also receive passive income from some other investments I have made in the past. In april the following investments payed me:

How did you perform this month? Thanks for reading and take care!

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